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Warzone badges and you
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Author:  Rem [ Tue Jan 03, 2012 2:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Warzone badges and you

Someone was asking about the badges in warzones. So shamelessly ripped from another site:

Have you stepped into a Battleground before, and found out... hey... I'm getting these weird flashy things appearing above my head, and I'm seeing a little "badge" appear in my buff bar. WTF?

Hopefully this will clear a few things up for you!

Badges are SWTOR's way of saying you did something helpful in a battleground! There are a number of ways to accumulate badges and they all vary from easy to difficult. Here is the cumulative List of 18 Badges:

Damage - Deal damage to opponents
2.5k single hit
75k damage
300k damage
5k single hit

Kills - Killing/Helping Kill Opponents
1 killing blow
10 kills
25 kills
1 solo kill

Healing - Healing allies and yourself
2.5k single heal
75k healed
300k healed
5k single heal

Tanking - Casting Guard on Friendlies, and Taunting baddies
2k defense in 1 life
10k defense in 1 life
5k total defense
50k total defense

Defending - Holding a control Point and being a true team player
1k defender
3k defender points

Those are the badges available in Warzones. Each badge represents what you have done for FOR THE TEAM and you should remember, even though there is a "solo kill" badge, The Warzone is a Team Effort.

Now how do badges effect you? In the end-all, Badges effect you at the end of the game. The splash screen will appear - and you will see your name highlighted and on the right column will be how many badges you earned. These badges are then turned into how much XP you receive, Valor Points (PVP Status), and ultimately the quantity of your Warzone Commendations. (Commendations Cap at 1000 by the way!)

Warzone Commendations are a handy item to cash in on even Leveling up! They start already at level 14 (weapons) and progress all the way through 50! Take a look at the Vendor's in the Republic Feet, and Courescant.

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