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The F.A.L.L. Support Group.
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Author:  Doctor Sinister [ Thu Feb 21, 2013 1:47 am ]
Post subject:  The F.A.L.L. Support Group.


F.A.L.L. has been founded! Are you incapable of making that jump? Fed up with pixel-perfect movements that spell certain doom when you inevitably get them wrong? Does your Guild still bear a grudge from that time you caused the entire operations team to wipe out when you fell down a cliff? Do you hate plumbers? If so,then this group is for you.

The Friends of Amateur Leaping Losers is a support group for those people who love playing video games but who find themselves as sure-footed as a lemming wearing banana skin shoes. Here at F.A.L.L. we will not laugh at you because you can't get past the first level of Super Mario - nor will we victimise you for your inability to fight your way across hundreds of stacked cargo containers. At F.A.L.L. you will only find kindness and friendship, and absolutely no death-defying chasms on the way to the toilets. All we ask is that you support your fellow players and tell your stories.

Dr. S.

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